CEO Legal Excecutive Leadership.

Susan Hackett, CEO of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC, is a recognized leader, with 28 years of experience in helping law departments (and those who serve them) deliver distinguishing value and improve the way they work. She helps her clients change behaviors, drive demonstrable client results, and move confidently from traditional practice toward legal executive leadership.

Susan applies her extensive experience, creativity, and deep knowledge of leading success practices to help her law department clients define strategic goals and overcome operational challenges. Her services include:

- improving law department business practices, - legal ops consulting, - law firm and legal service provider selection and performance management, - sourcing work ("make or buy" analysis, workflow and internal/external staffing options) - creating agile, collaborative teams, - in-house data and technology applications, - KPIs/metrics and performance measurements, - evaluation and continuous improvement practices, - implementing knowledge practices, - shifting focus from reactive counseling toward advancing business goals, - benchmarking for leading success practices, and - in-house professional development (skills and career development).

Additionally, Susan advises those who serve corporate counsel and legal departments by helping them focus on distinguishable service strategies, fee and pricing structures, staffing alternatives, how to profit from lean efficiency, and more…

Susan is also one of the most sought-after speakers in the legal marketplace.